Tasting Rewards

Tastings are the key to sharing the Clean-Crafted Commitment and growing your community by making in-person connections with others. In fact, they are THE most effective way to build your business. We've made it easier than ever to consistently hold Tastings with Consultant Tasting Rewards to reduce costs for you and Host Tasting Rewards to encourage bookings.

The Tasting Rewards Program includes 2 Parts:

1. Consultant Tasting Rewards

 Reach $500 PV in a Tasting, and you'll earn a $25 4-Bottle Tasting Set to use at your next Tasting!

Consultant Tasting Rewards

How it works:

Close a Tasting with $500+ PV and we'll send you an access code to purchase a Tasting Set to use at your next Tasting for only $25!

How Are Tasting Sets Redeemed?

Click here for instructions on redeeming Tasting Rewards.

Tutorials are also available in Scout School Online > Compensation At-A-Glance > Redeeming Consultant and Fast Start Tasting Rewards.


Does my Personal Volume have to be submitted in a Tasting to earn the $25 Tasting Set?

Yes! The intention of this program is to empower you to build your business through Tastings.

Does all $500 of Personal Volume have to be submitted in a single Tasting to earn the $25 Tasting Set?

Yes, you must reach $500 in a single Tasting to earn the specially priced Tasting Set.

How many $25 Tasting Sets can I earn each month?

You can earn and redeem up to FIVE $25 Tasting Sets every. single. month!

Do I have to redeem my Tasting Set right away?

Nope, they do not expire! But you can only accrue a total of 5 unused Tasting Rewards at a time, so keep that in mind as you plan out how to use them. Any tastings closed after reaching this limit will forfeit Consultant Tasting Rewards.

Do I get to choose which bottles are included in the $25 Tasting Set?

Tasting Sets are determined by Scout & Cellar but YOU get to choose from FOUR different Tasting Set selections (White, Red, Mix and a more "Adventurous" option). We will always ensure that these sets include bottles that are available in all states. We will update Tasting Sets quarterly or as needed based on availability.

Visit The Cellar > Tasting Rewards > Tasting Reward Selections to see the current lineup of Tasting Set Rewards and to download Tasting Cards for use at your Tasting.

Do I have to pay for shipping for the $25 Set?

No, these sets have shipping included.*

*Consultants in HI and AK will be charged 2-day air shipping rates.

Can I write off my Tasting Set as a business expense?

When used as intended for Hosting Tastings, the $25 is considered a business expense.

Can a New Consultant in Fast Start Also Earn a $25 Tasting Set?

Yes! In any month of Fast Start, for a New Consultant's first $600 tasting in the month, they earn the free Fast Start Tasting Rewards set ONLY. Then, if they have other tastings in the month, they can earn the $25 Consultant Tasting Rewards set up to 5 times with $500 Tastings.

Are Consultant Tasting Sets Commissionable?

No, you do not earn Commission on Tasting Set orders.

Why do I need to send each Tasting Set earned in a month to a unique Host?

We require a unique Host Name for each Consultant Tasting Reward Set redeemed during a month in order to ensure that each set ships in a compliant manner. A unique host is someone who hasn’t Hosted for you in the given month. Our best practice and recommendation is to use these Consultant Rewards towards your next Tasting and that you have any wines for a Tasting shipped directly to the Tasting Host.

2. Host Tasting Rewards

Your Hosts unlock special pricing on one bottle of Clean-Crafted wine with $500 - $599 Tastings. Help them get to $600 PV at their Tasting and they'll unlock even better pricing on up to 3 bottles of Clean-Crafted wine!

Download the asset for sharing>>

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How does my Host Redeem their Host Tasting Reward?

When closing a Tasting, you’ll immediately be prompted to redeem Host Tasting Rewards through the Host Order function in the same manner as our previous Tasting Rewards program.

Are Host Tasting Rewards Commissionable?

No, you do not earn commission on Host Orders.