Introducing Scout Circle 

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The Scout Circle Experience

Beautiful New Packaging

With an updated box and beautiful new print materials filled with education and powerful stories, the Scout Circle unboxing experience will be unlike any other!

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Exclusive New Brands and Current Brands Crafted Just for Scout Circle

Scout circle

Surprise and Delight

From time to time, we'll partner with companies that align with our values to include a special perk in your box.

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And Last But NOT Least...

New Club Choices and Flat Rate Pricing that Never Changes!

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But wait, there's more!

With introductory offers for new and existing Wine Club Members, it's easier than ever to share.

New Member Special Offer

Anyone who joins the Wine Club at any membership level from February 1 to May 31, 2020, will receive $50 in Wine Credits after their third shipment!

Current Member Loyalty Reward

Everyone who is currently in the Wine Club as of January 31, 2020, will receive a loyalty reward for 25% off a future a la carte purchase, good for 30 days! This loyalty reward will be emailed to Wine Club members in March.

So When Does This All Start?

You'll see these changes with the first shipment of the March Wine Club. But you can start sharing today!

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Scout Circle General FAQs

Does Scout Circle pricing include shipping?

Yes! Shipping is already included in the flat-rate pricing. 

Will Scout Circle still include discounts and coupons?

Nope! With the new flat-rate pricing, you're already getting the best price for these wines. In addition, Scout Circle boxes will no longer include a 10% off coupon for future orders, but members will receive exclusive access to purchase Scout Circle Exclusive wines a la carte.

Cool! So how does a Customer who is a Scout Circle member purchase Scout Circle Exclusives a la carte?

It's so easy. On March 1, a new page on scoutandcellar.com will show Scout Circle Exclusives. Scout Circle members who are signed into the website will be able to purchase these products. Scout Circle members of any type will have access to all Scout Exclusives available in their state!

What about Consultants? Can we also order Scout Circle Exclusives if we are Scout Circle Members?

Of Course! If you are a Scout Circle Member, you will see a Scout Circle Exclusives tab tp shop when you place a Personal Order.

Can Non-Scout Circle Members Order Scout Circle Exclusives?

No. This is a benefit for members only. Scout Circle Exclusives will not be made available to anyone outside of Scout Circle.

Can I place a Scout Circle Membership in a Tasting? 

Yes! Effective March 1, you will no longer see the option for single party packs in a Tasting. Instead, you will see options for each of the Scout Circle memberships. Simply select one of those options and the membership will be created. For those of you that still want to sell a single order curated box of wine, we'll provide monthly suggestions to help you select some of our favorite non-club favorites to order.

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Great! So does that mean the first shipment of a Scout Circle Membership placed in a Tasting counts toward the Tasting Volume?

Yes! The first shipment ONLY will count toward the Tasting Volume. You will of course earn Personal Volume Commissions on all other recurring orders. Yay!

What if my Customer is shopping on my replicated website. Will their Scout Circle subscription still be tied to my PV?

Yes! The Scout Circle Marketing page is still tied to your personal website and all subscriptions made through this page will count toward your PV. 

What Dates are Scout Circle Memberships Processed?

Any club memberships placed by the 28th of the month will process in the current month. Club memberships placed after the 28th will process the following month unless the membership is placed in a Tasting in which case the membership will process in the current month.

Scout Circle Incentive FAQs

Who qualifies as a new club member for the $50 Wine Credit offer?

You are considered a new member and will qualify for this reward if:

  • You have enrolled between February 1 – May 31, 2020.
  • You have received your third shipment.
  • You are previously “canceled” and have decided to re-enroll between February 1 – May 31, 2020.
  • You were a subscriber to the 4-Bottle Tasting Set and have now rolled over to the 4-Bottle Scout Circle club.
  • You are in “good standing” with no past due payments on your account.

When will new Scout Circle Member Wine Credits be paid?

Wine Credits will be put into qualifiers accounts on the 15th of the following  month after they’ve received their THIRD shipment.

Who Qualifies for the Loyalty Reward?

You qualify for this reward if you are currently in an active or paused wine club that was established by January 31, 2020.

When will loyalty rewards be sent out?

The loyalty reward will be sent out via email by the end of March and will be good for 30 days from the date of receipt. The 25% discount can be used on any a la carte purchase including merchandise and is one-time use only. Loyalty Rewards may not be used on future club shipments.