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What is Scout Safe Ship?

We’re so glad you asked! Scout Safe Ship is a seasonal shipping program through the hot summer months. We utilize innovative, eco-friendly packaging designed to protect your wine...and the planet.

Watch the video below to learn more about what makes Scout Safe Ship so special.

When does Scout Safe Ship Start? When does it end?

Scout Safe Ship goes into effect for all orders placed on or after June 12, 2020 @ 12:00 AM CDT. As for when it ends...We don't have an exact date yet for when the program will end because, quite truthfully, it depends on the weather!

Based on weather patterns and previous years' programs, we estimate that Scout Safe Ship will run through early-to-mid September. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.

Why Scout Safe Ship?

The truth is that shipping wine in the summer hard. Many wineries stop shipping entirely OR charge an arm and a leg for delivery.

Not only are we committed to delivering Clean-Crafted™ wine through the hot summer months (when we could all really use a nice chilled glass or can on the patio), we're also committed to doing it the right way—for the wine and for the planet.

That comes with some additional effort and costs. Is it worth it? We think so. 

How do I talk to my customers about Scout Safe Ship?

Your customers will receive a dedicated email from the Winery Team the week of Scout Safe Ship's launch, featuring the Scout Safe Ship video shown above. 

This video will also be featured on a landing page on, along with an FAQ page to help answer questions that your customers may have about Scout Safe Ship. These pages will be available on our website beginning June 12, 2020.

We also made some handy assets to help you share with your customers why Scout Safe Ship is something special, as well as ways to save on shipping through the summer months. 

— Pricing FAQs

How much is shipping with Scout Safe Ship?

With Scout Safe Ship, the cost of shipping depends on how many bottles of wine you order. We made a chart to help you out!

If you're shipping within the contiguous United States, click here

If you're shipping to Hawaii or Alaska, click here.

Note: For Canned Wine and Wine Spritzers, 1 Box = 1 Bottle.

Please Note: All wine must be shipped directly to the end consumer from Scout & Cellar. Group or Bulk orders (where there is more than one end consumer on a single order) are not compliant with Policies and Procedures Sections 5C.1 and 10B, and are subject to cancellation.

What about Scout Circle?

Great news! All Scout Circle orders receive free shipping to all states where we ship...including during Scout Safe Ship.

In case you needed another reason to join the only Clean-Crafted™ wine club.

One quick thing to note—during Scout Safe Ship, the Scout Circle box that your order arrives in will not have the botanical print lining. 

If you select an upgraded shipping option, additional charges may apply. 

What about BBKs for new Consultants?

BBKs will receive free expedited shipping to all states where we ship.

While we are unable to package BBKs with Scout Safe Ship packaging, every BBK ordered during Scout Safe Ship will automatically be upgraded to expedited shipping without a charge, to ensure your Kit is able to arrive safely and quickly to your door.

When ordering BBKs, as with any Scout & Cellar purchase, please make sure that someone  21 years or older will be home at the time of delivery in order to sign for it.

What other items ship for free with Scout Safe Ship?

Additionally, the following items receive free ground shipping with Scout Safe Ship within the contiguous United States:

  • Gift Sets
  • Host Reward Bottles
  • Consultant Tasting Set Rewards
  • Fast Start Tasting Set Rewards

We created some shareable assets to help you promote ways to save on shipping Clean-Crafted wine through the summer months.

If upgraded shipping is selected, additional charges will apply. HI/AK shipments of these items are subject to Scout Safe Ship rates. 

How are merchandise orders impacted by Scout Safe Ship?

Merchandise items that are ordered alongside wine during Scout Safe Ship will not incur an additional shipping charge. Merchandise rides for free when paired with a wine order!

Merchandise that is ordered alone will ship for a flat fee of $5.00 per order. 

If you select an upgraded shipping option, additional charges may apply.

What if my order contains items that receive free shipping (as listed above) AND a la carte bottles of wine?

The long answer: If you order an item that ships free with Scout Safe Ship (as listed above) and combine the order with additional a la carte bottles, your shipping subtotal will reflect the total number of bottles in your order and a discount will automatically be applied to offset the difference in shipping fee for the items in your order that receive free shipping. 

This sounds a little confusing. It works like this:

Let's say you are ordering a 2-Bottle Gift Set that qualifies for free shipping with Scout Safe Ship, then decide to add 4 additional bottles of wine to your order. You'll see the shipping subtotal as $13.50 (the Scout Safe Ship price for shipping 6 bottles of wine), along with a automatically applied discount of $11.50 (the Scout Safe Ship price for 2 bottles of wine), for an adjusted shipping total of $2.00. 

The short answer: You'll pay a reduced shipping fee that is automatically calculated at checkout based on what items are in your cart.

What about shipments to Hawaii and Alaska?

BBKs will receive expedited shipping at no additional charge to all states where we ship, including Hawaii and Alaska.

All Scout Circle shipments will receive free Scout Safe Ship, including those being shipped to Hawaii or Alaska.

A la carte purchases, as well as Gift Sets, Host Reward Bottles, Consultant Fast Start Rewards, and Consultant Tasting Rewards will be subject to Scout Safe Ship pricing when shipping to Hawaii or Alaska. 

For the Scout Safe Ship prices for Hawaii and Alaska, please click here.

— Packaging FAQs —

What does Scout Safe Ship packaging look like?

Great question! We're pretty proud of this innovative packaging.



How do I recycle the packaging from my Scout Safe Ship order?

The gel packs that keep your wine cool during shipment are drain-disposable. As you're unboxing your shipment, simply cut the gel packs open and the fluid can go right down the sink.

All Scout Safe Ship packaging is 100% curbside recyclable. Put the packaging in your regular recycling bin and you're good to go!

What if my gel packs are no longer frozen when my order arrives? And if the cardboard insert is damp?

Don’t worry! If the gel packs are no longer frozen and the cardboard insert is damp, that means these components did their job during the journey to protect your wine. 

How will wine bottles and Gift Set boxes be protected from moisture during shipping?

Each Scout Safe Ship box contains two cardboard slip sheets (one on each above and below the gel packs), as well as some pulp to help negate the effects of condensation as well and keep your wine bottles and gift boxes dry and protected!

What if my wine is warm to the touch when my order arrives?

A drastic change in temperature can be harmful to wine, so you should temper the bottles before moving them into your wine fridge or cool cellar. When your Scout & Cellar box arrives, put it in the pantry or closet for 24 hours before moving the wine to cooler storage.

— Other FAQs —

What is different about this year's Scout Safe Ship program?

We're constantly looking for ways to make your and your customers' Scout & Cellar experience even better. You may have noticed a few improvements this year:

  1. Simplified pricing by bottle count makes it easy to determine shipping costs.
  2. No more shipping delays based on destination. We're saying "buh bye" to the Ship Schedule by State.
  3. More ways to save on shipping with Scout Circle and Gift Sets receiving free shipping during Scout Safe Ship.

What if my customer is unhappy with an order placed during Scout Safe Ship?

As always, your and your customers' orders are backed by our Do The Right Thing Guarantee. If you're unhappy with the order, no matter the cause, we'll make it right.

There's no risk to you or your customers to trying the wine. If it's good, great! If not and, upon tasting the wine, you think it's been negatively impacted by its journey to your doorstep, we'll send out fresh bottles!

Click here to learn more about our Do The Right Thing Guarantee.

What if I have more questions about Scout Safe Ship?

If we weren't able to answer your questions here, please let us know! You can reach out to our Support Team at We're here to help!